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WHAT IS The Revelation Effect?
The MOST POWERFUL Mentalism and Mind Reading Trick
Complete Instructional Video
Within ONLY 60 Mins You'll Be Able to Read Someone's Mind
Know The Exact NAME or WORD Someone Is Thinking Of
... WITHOUT them showing you or saying a single thing!
Imagine being able to ask someone to think of someone in their life they're close to... someone you couldn't possibly know... YET within a moment you are able to correctly name that EXACT person. 

Welcome to Revelation!
The Revelation Effect is the MOST POWERFUL Mentalism and Mind Reading Trick that uses a special technique to know what someone is thinking. It's been used to start a cult, convince people of real minding and turn the average amateur magician into a powerful mentalist. 

With one simple technique and less than 60 mins of practise you'll have the perfect trick to amaze absolutely anyone.

The Revelation Effect allows you to reveal a secret thought inside the mind of a spectator or any person you choose, using an ingenious method that you will soon learn within this video. It's pure Mind Reading and its secret should not be shared...but it's so good that it has to be known!

It is said that the holy grail of mentalism and mind reading is to be able to walk up to someone - without any set-up - 100% impromptu - and be able to tell them what they are thinking of. There are a range of different methods you could use to do this, but The Revelation Effect beats them ALL hands down. It's the cleanest, fairest and easiest way to read someone's mind. Perform it anywhere at anytime to anyone - it can't get any better than that!
Easy To Do
No Palming
No Switching
No Tearing
No Gimmicks
100% Accurate
INCLUDED INSIDE The Revelation Effect
Within ONLY 60 Mins You'll Be Able to Read Someone's Mind
Complete Instructional Video
Within ONLY 60 Mins You'll Be Able to Read Someone's Mind
Learn The Secret Method
This is where you'll learn the EXACT method used to seemingly read anyones mind. Discover the technique you will use to know what someone is thinking. 
Watch It Happen In Real Time
Watch every detail of the live performance so you can produce the same reaction when you perform it. Filmed on the streets you will see screams, shocks and more. 
Take It To The Next Level
Discover the REAL secrets of how mind readers and mentalists make their magic so convincing. With these extra tips and advice you'll be able to do the same.
Plus EXTRA Bonus Presenations
With 3 Unique Ways To Use The Revelation Effect Method
Think of Any Name
"A spectator thinks of someone in their life they are close to, someone they have a relationship with. Nothing is said. Slowly you get a sense of who this person is, you are able to reveal this name letter by letter. You can now reveal that thought of name. It's Impossible..."
Drawing Duplication
"A spectator draws any picture that comes to mind. They fold their drawing up and hide it so you cannot see. There's no way you could possible know what it is. You grab a piece of paper, and start to draw something. You ask that person to show you what they drew. It could be anything. Yet you have successful duplicated that drawing.
Muscle Reading Miracles
"You ask someone to think of an object in the room and to focus all of their attention on it, but not to give it away. You then take hold of their hand and guide them around the room. Somehow, through this bizarre skill you have, you lead them straight to the object they were merely thinking of."
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"Think of a Card"
A great impromptu mind reading trick with a pack of cards. Do not underestimate the power of simple and direct performance.  Think of a card is exactly that. The spectator ‘thinks’ or chooses a card and you know exactly what it is. It’s all presentation from there!
Yours FREE (valued at $14.95)
"Psychological Opener"
This routine is perfect before you perform Revelation. Before you perform Revelation, you will test the spectator as to whether you both have good rapport with eachother. You make a prediction and ask the spectator to name what you have written down...they get it right. It's a great way to start a strong effect!
Yours FREE (valued at $9.95)
"Q&A Secret Discussion"
Go behind the scenes of Revelation and discover its hidden secrets. Customers from all over the world sent in questions when first learning this trick and now you get the answers. Learn from over 7 years of trial and error. It's the fast track you need for success!
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See What Others Have To Say
Check Out Some Of Our Customers Reviews
“Revelation: Simple, Smooth and Powerful: that is what that trick is all about. You will love it I am sure. If you don't do mental magic, Revelation is the one to try for a very nice introduction!”

Pierre-a Gagné - Longueuil, Québec, Canada
Hi there, this is MAGNETO from MEXICO. I have been performing this effect for almost 6 months. The first time I saw the trailer for REVELATION I was a little skeptic about it, but I took my chances and bought the trick. Now I know that mind reading can be easy to learn, and incredibly powerful, I now include this mental effect in all my routines.

The video is very clear you can start reading minds within minutes after watching the video. One of the coolest things is the bonus you get when you purchase the video. And the reactions are awesome… people can’t just believe it… jaw dropping… sometimes people don’t applause because they are so amazed that they cannot blink. Some others, especially ladies start to run and scream…the reactions are GREAAAAT!!!

If you are starting with magic or if you all ready have some experience with mentalism, this if for you!!! Learn the secret and amaze your friends, be the soul of the party, and meet lots of cool people. Thanks!

Magneto - Mexico
"I downloaded it, watched the video, and two hours later was in the club pulling this effect off without a hitch. I should also say that I wouldn't even qualify as a beginner when it comes to magic, the truth is I still suck at magic. I started with a small group of ladies and pretty soon had several groups of women had gathered. They were absolutely amazed at my "ability" and I was amazed at the simplicity and power of this effect. Worth EVERY cent brother!!!!"

Brad - Texas
"Revelation does not require sleight of hand; it is probably the easiest "think of anything" technique out there. It is built not only for professionals, but for people who do not have any background in magic. It is also a very easy technique to apply to any kind of mind reading process you want. You could use it as part of a card trick, without any sleight of hand. You could correctly guess a complete strangers birthday, full name or phone number. The possibilities are endless. With Revelation, you have the world at your fingertips.

Avi Hoffman -New York City USA
“I must say that I am impressed. The effect is brilliant, the method is great and the reactions are priceless. I've already got screams and omg's and it's only been a few days since I learnt the effect. AWESOME! Everyone goes CRAZY with this one…thanks heaps :)

Adam Mathers - VIC Australia
“My Name is Pete fox and I would like to say "Revelation" when performed right is a Mind Blower of Mentalists Technique. I can’t give the secret away but it is well the worth the money.”

Pete Fox - Lake Worth USA
"Wow, that's all I can say. This product is GREAT I've been doing magic/ mentalism / mind reading / hypnosis (that's a lot of slashes) for 11 years and I know perfection when I see it...I have just seen perfection. Every little detailed is covered in the explanation video. He has definitely taken this idea to a new level, and he really teaches how to make it look like real mind reading. The bonuses are great presentation ideas, all of which I had never thought of, this is instantly going into my repertoire. And it should go into your repertoire too. 5/5"

Maddison H - USA
“My Name is Pete fox and I would like to say "Revelation" when performed right is a Mind Blower of Mentalists Technique. I can’t give the secret away but it is well the worth the money.”

Pete Fox - Lake Worth USA
"My name is the Practitioner and I have been a professional magician and mentalist for nearly 10 years now, and when my street demos were wearing a bit thin, I incorporated Revelation to spice it up. It worked and people were blown away. I then took the trick and modified it in a way that could be done while wearing an opaque blindfold. The crowds started eating it up and now it's a regular part of my repertoire. I'd like to thank The Mind Reader for taking an old mentalism classic and giving it a new twist, and more importantly, giving me inspiration for yet another twist to add to it."

The Practitioner - Halifax Canada
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“THE REVELATION EFFECT' iS, exactly WHAT iT says, 'IT IS TRULY A 'REVELATION' to the 'MAGICAL FRATERNITY & ENTERTAINMENT ARTS,' bar NONE !! The 'DOWNLOAD' gives YOU, TRULY, everything, & I MEAN, EVERYTHING that YOU NEED TO KNOW, to PERFORM this 'KiLLER' ILLUSION !! I call it an 'Illusion' because in the 'spectators' mind, you CAN CREATE the 'illusion' that YOU are TRULY a MENTALIST !!”

Richard McGriff, "World's Wackiest Wizard'" - Cartersville, Georgia. USA
"I was a little skeptical at first when I heard what I could do with this trick...this is the sort of thing I’ve been trying to do for years...and finally there's a way. I didn't think it'd be this easy...BUT it really is. I want to say thank you for allowing me to finally have a practical and impromptu way of reading minds."

Ryan Surf - Australia
"I would like to say…AWESOME effect. The simplicity behind it and 100 impromptu factor behind it makes it by far one of the BEST effects in mentalism I have EVER seen and done. I have come across a LOT of sites and people trying to sell you the secrets to "reading minds" blah blah blah. And for all their sad talk of how EASY it is, and how you'd be able to do it ANYWHERE never really holds up.
So again. NICE ONE!!!"

Davy Jones
My name is Hank Walters. I'm 82 years old and have been doing 'close-up magic' as a hobby for quite a while in the Ocala, Florida area. I never thought of doing mind reading until I discovered Revelation. It has been a welcome addition to my routine. It's easy to learn and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in amazing the people around you.

Hank Walters -Ocala USA
"Revelation is devastatingly powerful, yet very easy to learn and perform. The instructional download is clear and easy to understand. It can be performed almost immediately. Revelation can be done anywhere and even repeated. I love mentalism and this is mind-reading at its best."

Mike Renshaw - Langhorne, PA USA
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Got Questions?
See Answers To Our Frequently Asked Questions
Is this Trick Really That Powerful?
Yes! Performed thousands of times over the last 10 years this trick has received more screams, surprises, gasps and crazy reactions then any other magic trick performed. It looks just like real mind reading.  
How Easy Is This Trick To Learn?
Very easy. The idea behind this technique makes your spectator believe you can read minds while you don't have to worry about fancy sleight of hand or memory skill. It takes a little practise and a few go's to get down the presentation and technique and you'll be ready to go.
Do I Need Props or Gimmicks?
There's no special props or gimmicks, but you will need a pen and piece of paper/cardboard or business card. Don't worry, nothing is seen and your spectator holds it the whole time. It's a great way to also start the trick using the "psychological opener" by writing a few predictions down before you start.
Maybe I Already Know The Method?
If you think you know the method here's a clue. It starts with A and ends with N. It's a very old technique discovered by a mentalist with the initials M.L. If you don't know what I'm talking about then you have no idea and need to learn this secret!
Is This Real Mind Reading?
No. As stated on this website The Revelation Effect is a mentalism trick. Just like any magic trick or illusion it is presented as a "Mind Reading" effect and does not involve real telepathic abilities. In fact, if you're looking for real mind reading you will not find it as there is no such thing. 
What Format Do I Receive The Videos In?
When you order The Revelation Effect you'll get access to our exclusive private members area where all of your videos will be available to watch on any device. Upon purchase, we'll email your login for 24/7 access.
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